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Software & Data Citation Workshop


Use Case Summary: A trusted software framework to support and enhance scientific discovery

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A trusted software framework to support and enhance scientific discovery


A trusted software framework is proposed to enable reliable software to be discovered, accessed and then deployed on multiple hardware environments. More specifically, this framework will enable those who generate the software, and those who fund the development of software, to gain credit for the effort, IP, time and dollars spent, and facilitate quantification of the impact of individual codes. For scientific users, the framework delivers reviewed and benchmarked scientific software with mechanisms to reproduce results.

The trusted framework will have five separate, but connected components: Register, Review, Reference, Run, and Repeat.

  1. The Register component will facilitate discovery of relevant software from multiple open source code repositories.
  2. The Review component is targeting on the verification of the software typically against a set of benchmark cases.
  3. Referencing will be accomplished by linking the Software Framework to groups such as Figshare or ImpactStory
  4. The Run component will draw on information supplied in the registration process etc to instantiate the scientific code on the selected environment.
  5. The Repeat component will tap into existing Provenance Workflow engines that will automatically capture information that relate to a particular run of that software.​



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Created at 1/25/2015 11:40 AM by Ray Idaszak
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