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Guidelines for Data DOI Versioning vs. New DOI


The Biological & Chemical Oceanography Data Management office (BCO-DMO) manages data from NSF GEO Ocean Sciences (OCE) and Polar Programs (PLR) awards. The office submits datasets (and metadata) to our Institutional Repository, the WHOI Data Library and Archives (WHOAS DSpace system). The Data Library provides BCO-DMO with dataset DOIs (minted by CrossRef). In general, every data submission receives a new DOI, but I expect that in some circumstances it would be more useful to the community if a new version of the data were submitted, and the DOI record ammended. In cases where the original data are unmodified, but new rows (e.g. the same measurements from additional observation events) or columns (e.g. additional measurements from the original observation events) have been appended, it might be more useful to add a new version of the data and append the DOI metadata record. It would be useful to have guidelines describing how responsible curators decide whether to version the DOI or request a new DOI and relate it to any previous ones. The example included below is for a dataset from the Fukushima nuclear incident. We fully expect these data to be amended, and issueing a new version (as opposed to a new DOI with a separate metadata record) would allow researchers to clearly follow the provenance.​



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Created at 1/26/2015 4:22 PM by Ray Idaszak
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