Software & Data Citation Use Cases

A GitHub site is being used for contributing and commenting on uses cases for the Software and Data Citation workshop.  Please click the link below to add, review, and/or comment on use cases:​   (credit to Matt Jones of the organizing committee for setting this up)


We encourage you to add your software & data citation use cases directly on the GitHub site above.  For an example use case, see Use Case #11.​  If you prefer, you may use the template below to create your use case and email it to one of the workshop organizing committee members and we will enter your use case for you on the above site (please retain the specific #'s and *'s shown in the following template as this is something called Markdown Syntax used by GitHub):

# Use Case Title: 
* Contributors: 
Specify if this is a "Citing Software" and/or "Citing Data" Use Case
## Goals and Summary
Provide goals and description of the use case here.

## Why is it important and to whom?
* First reason
* Second reason

## Why hasn’t it been solved yet?
* First reason
* Second reason

## Actionable Outcomes
Workshop outcomes will include actionable plans to enable the broader research community to implement the software and data attribution practices that are identified and advanced by the participants of the workshop.  Articulate plans to implement this use case, as possible, into one or more of your projects subsequent to the workshop.

## Additional Information and Links
* [An example link](


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